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A workplace may “tick all the boxes” but does it feel right when you walk inside? Much like house hunting, a lot is riding on ‘the right feel’. Creating a welcoming, comprehensive onboarding process can truly help a business’ chances of getting it right. You want the employee to feel welcome and valued, to know you care about their success and development. You want to reinforce in the employee’s mind that they made the right choice (and nix any thoughts of buyers’ remorse). 

Some HR individuals or manages may make the mistake of taking on too much themselves, while others dump it all on the hiring manager or pass the new hire a stack of manuals to “get oriented”.

What’s better, is to create an orientation schedule for onboarding.

List all the various items to cover and assigning accountability for these steps to various team members. This way, each person can make their area impactful and the new hire will have many contacts right away. Imagine how much more inspiring it would be to have the owner, CEO or another passionate team member review the business’ mission, vision, values, and history vs “phoning it in” or having the employee read dry words on a page. 

Outsourcing your Human Resources can assist to set the original schedule, schedule appointments, set milestones, check on progress, and answer questions along the way. We can guide and support you through the onboarding process

If possible, it helps to incorporate a pre-boarding step, ahead of onboarding, where some of the paperwork and logistics are done ahead of time, leaving the first day open for more impactful items, like meeting co-workers and key contacts, touring the facility, setting expectations (i.e. first week, first month) and training plans.

About the Author

Laurie Caldi is a Senior Human Resource Consultant with our sister HR company Vertical Bridge HR. Laurie is a versatile, accomplished Human Resources Professional with over 25 years of experience across the High Tech, Health Care, Retail, Commercial and Not-for-Profit sectors.

She has worked for Fortune 500 organizations and has been able to leverage systems to enhance productivity, create aligned, motivational incentive plans, drive performance management, implement individual development plans and orchestrate training. She also streamlined processes to eliminate non-value add activity. She utilized constructive employee feedback to resolve issues and has launched programs to foster employee wellness for sustainable organization health. 

An enthusiastic business partner with a caring, collaborative management style, Laurie has a proven track record of helping companies and people realize their full potential. Her work experience, both inside and outside of HR gives her a broad perspective, sharp business acumen and a contagious, positive energy that can help shape an engaging workforce.

She gained her CHRP in 1995 with the Human Resource Professionals of Ontario and is now a member of the HRMA and the HR Tech Group in Vancouver.  Laurie holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Ryerson University, completed her MBA Management certificate with Schulich School of Business in 2014 and is trained in Strategic Coaching, Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies as well as McQuaig for psychological assessments.

Originally from Toronto, Laurie transferred to British Columbia in early 2013 to manage all aspects of HR for Samsung’s Research and Development start-up aimed at software solutions for the Enterprise mobility market. Now, she’s back in Ontario, loving life and works as a Human Resources Professional Consultant for clients across Canada.


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