Providing Outsourced HR Services for Busy Health Care Professionals

Providing Outsourced HR Services for Busy Health Care Professionals

We understand that in addition to providing exceptional healthcare to patients; doctors are also running complex businesses. Experiencing the same challenges that all businesses face we know that the largest cost in any workplace is the cost of hiring and retaining employees. In order to assist with the needs of a growing practice or clinic we provide access to HR professionals who can provide advice and expertise in all areas of human resources.

HR Audit

Expert review of basic HR systems and procedures within your practice.

You will receive a written report which will identify short and long-term priorities, along with expert HR strategies, guidance and timelines to support the growth of your practice.

Monthly On-Call HR Hotline

Access to an HR expert who can assist you with all of your human resource questions.


  • Unlimited phone calls for you and your staff.
  • Unlimited email contact for you
    and your staff.
  • General HR guidance and support.

Hiring Solutions

Professional recruitment services, customized for your practice.


  • Partial Search
  • Full Search

Monthly HR Support Level 1

Monthly HR support Level 2

Why Choose Our Services?

Hear what our customers say!

We could not have done it without her!

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra at Health Bridge HR over the last year and I am consistently impressed by her professionalism, kindness, honesty, meticulousness, knowledge, energy and humour. She assisted us in our most recent hire of a Clinic Manager and I am so very thankful for her advice and service. She outlined all of our options and it was clear from the beginning she had the best interests of our clinic at heart. She knows the industry and I trust her advice. She was incredible to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her services or to call her again for our next hire! We could not have done it without her!

Patty Paterson Smith
Project Manager

The support I received ..
was very professional and attentive.

I was in the process of updating our HR employee handbook and I am so glad I found Sandra Reder and the team at Health Bridge HR to help with this task!Sandra is very knowledgeable, efficient and has a wealth of experience in the HR field of healthcare and beyond. Sandra was able to ensure that I was happy with every detail of creating a customized handbook that reflected the culture and personality of our practice while ensuring we were compliant with the most current regulations. The support I received in creating, writing and implementing the manual was very professional and attentive. The team at Health Bridge HR is very quick and responsive to answer any questions I have and I continually refer to Sandra for any HR questions that arise. I would highly recommend contacting Sandra Reder and the team at Health Bridge HR for any of your HR needs!

Himmat Bajwa

I have turned to Sandra countless times.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Health Bridge HR and Sandra Reder? for 7 years. Fortuitously we were introduced as I opened my own practice. She assisted me with developing contract templates, grooming policies, and many other HR documents. Sandra has also been invaluable assisting me with hiring and terminations. I have turned to Sandra countless times with “small” problems such as interoffice politics, recommendations on severance and how to handle verbal and written warnings. Sandra’s catchphrase to “mitigate not litigate” has taught me to address things quickly and to ensure I am compliant with BC Workplace law. Without Sandra, I would not have known that it is my responsibility as an employer to hold a seminar to educate my employees about the law around BC Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy. When my longtime office manager resigned in February 2020 Sandra was able to help me write a job description, screen over 150 CV’s and provide me with 3 qualified candidates. Three months later I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. In addition to saving hours of my time Sandra has the insight and experience to weed out the good candidates from those who talk a good game.”

Dr. Briar Sexton
General and Neuro-Opthamology, Vancouver, BC

Our People

SANDRA REDER, CPCFounder & President
For over 20 years, Sandra Reder has been a driving force within the human resource community. She founded Vertical Bridge HR in 2005 and her understanding of current HR best practices and trends is extensive. She has worked within a wide range of industries including health care, private sector, not-for-profit and public sector.
JANICE SIMPSONSenior HR Consultant & Board Governance Specialist
Janice Simpson is a well-established Human Resource Consultant and Governance Professional with over 17 years of experience within the finance, medical, technology, and non-profit sectors.
MARNIE STRIJCKERSSenior Recruitment Specialist
Marnie Strijckers is an exceptional recruitment professional with over 20 years of diverse recruiting experience. She has worked in a multiple sectors including health care, government, non-profit, public and private.
ANNA DUECKOffice & Marketing Manager
Anna Dueck is an enthusiastic individual with passion for all aspects of administration, event production and workplace organization. With experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, Anna has a network of experience in a variety of workplaces.

Latest News

  • Workplace wellness is about organizations taking a proactive approach to ensuring the health and wellbeing of their workforce. By focusing on the wellness of employees, organizations can help prevent issues with mental and physical health, reducing stress levels and absenteeism and ultimately improving performance.

  • Employee retention is one of the most important components of running a successful practice. With branded terms like quiet quitting circulating the internet, employers need to step up their game to ensure the term does not turn into real quitting.

  • The survey clearly signals the B.C. government’s intent to add an 11th legal stat holiday for NTRD. There is broad support for this but many employers while supporting recognition of NTRD will be concerned about adding another statutory holiday with no compensating adjustment to the existing schedule of stats.