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Written by Sandra Reder

President and Founder of Health Bridge HR

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets closer and closer, there is a lot of “buzz” around offices and in social circles about where people want to go for their vacations. Employers can expect there to be a large influx of employees submitting their vacation requests. With restrictions being lifted and more of the population being vaccinated there is a lot of pent-up demand for travel. Every time I talk with clients, friends and family the conversation inadvertently turns to the first place we’re all going to go when we can travel again.

While this is exciting and a long time coming, employers need to think about how they are going to handle the onslaught of vacation and time off requests that will be a result of this pent-up demand.

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Here are 3 tips for all employers to handle vacation requests:

  1. Start the conversation with your teams early. Find out what their thoughts are around time off and vacation between now and the end of the year.
  2. Ensure you have a vacation request policy in place and that you tell everyone that you will be scheduling vacations as per your policy.
  3. Set expectations – explain that you will not be able to accommodate everyone’s requests, especially if it leaves your business short staffed in certain areas or departments. However, you’ll do your best.

The sooner you begin to have these conversations the better. The last thing you want is to be short-staffed, or worse have office morale impacted due to the fact that you are not prepared for this pent-up demand for time off.

If your Human Resources Handbook needs updating to support vacation requests and time off for your employees, let us help you navigate these changes and keep your information up to date.

About the Author

HealthBridge Sandra Reder

For over 20 years, Sandra Reder has been a driving force within the human resource community. She founded Vertical Bridge HR in 2005 and her understanding of current HR best practices and trends is extensive. She has worked within a wide range of industries including health care, private sector, not-for-profit and public sector.

In late 2014 Sandra identified a need for HR support within the health care sector. She founded Health Bridge HR in order to provide health care practitioners with HR expertise that they might not otherwise have access to. Her desire to ensure that Health Bridge HR is providing innovative programs and services to health care professionals is what drives her and the business forward.

Sandra is a well-regarded facilitator and speaker on a variety of subjects, including Human Resource Best Practices and Inter-Generational Communication within the Workplace. She is a sought after key-note speaker on the topic of human resources and has presented at numerous association and industry conferences.


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