Categories: HR Advice, Legal

by Anna Dueck


Categories: HR Advice, Legal

by Anna Dueck


Written by VB Janice Simpson

Companies are realizing that silence is no longer an option when it comes to systemic racism and inequality. When the need for workplace investigations arise, it is important to be prepared to conduct the investigation quickly, thoughtfully, and proactively. Companies need to adopt policies and establish protocols that demonstrate intolerance.

An internal investigation is a formal inquiry to determine whether workplace policies or regulatory practices have been violated.

  • Investigations aim to learn the truth and will follow an allegation of complaint, or an organizations policy breach.
  • An internal investigation differs from a criminal investigation but shares some common ground.

Many companies are not aware that once an allegation of a violation becomes known, they are obligated to investigate.

A well-designed process for your internal investigations will not only protect your company, but it will also protect your employees and make them feel valued and safe knowing there are protocols in place if needed.

If your company strives to have a balanced harassment free workplace, be sure you are set up and prepared to do an internal investigation that aligns with your Human Resources protocols if such an allegation should arise.

About the Author

HealthBridge Janice SimpsonJanice is a well-established Human Resources and Governance Professional with over 17 years of experience within the finance, medical, technology, and non-profit sectors.  Her diverse work experience ranges from HR operations, workplace investigations, to non-profit board governance. Some of her major career accomplishments include full management of the governance portfolio for a not-for-profit organization with 300K membership base, along with conducting workplace investigations and mediations.

Janice believes the key to success is having strong values to genuinely connect and inspire others. Her strong people skills enable her to assist clients with everything from employee relations/conflict resolution to developing HR programs and best practices for their organizations.

Born and raised in Vancouver she currently lives in the Lower Mainland where in her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her golden retriever, spending time with her family, reading, writing and cooking.

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