Our Contingency based Full Search services include:

Doctor using the full hiring search
  1. Carry out a complete review of our computer based files of registered candidates
  2. Undertake a direct recruiting effort (headhunting);
  3. Place selected online advertising on various job boards
  4. Screen all resumes received
  5. Telephone calls with potential candidates
  6. Conduct 1st interviews with selected candidates
  7. Set up interviews for you with top 2 – 4 candidates
  8. Review and discuss with you the short-listed candidates
  9. Check references on finalist candidate(s)
  10. Assist with final hiring procedures, negotiations, and compensation issues
  11. Advise all unsuccessful candidates.

Fees: The hiring decision is at the discretion of the client and until one of our referred candidates is hired, no fee will be charged. Our fee for a full hiring search is based on the employee’s annual compensation. Please contact us for pricing.

Upon hire, all fees owing are due and payable and a 3 month replacement guarantee is offered as follows. If the employee terminates for any reason or is terminated for unsatisfactory performance within the guarantee period, we will provide a onetime replacement for that person at no additional cost to the client. (Please note that this does not include lay-offs, practice restructuring or the sale of the practice). If a replacement is not immediately required a credit note in the amount of the net fee will be issued towards replacing that employee. The credit will be valid for one year from the date of termination provided that such termination is within the applicable guarantee period and provided that HealthBridge HR is notified within the same time period.

Contact us for pricing.
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