• Want to Be Happier and More in Control? Science Says Sleep Like This Every Night
    We know what to do. We’re just not doing it. (But don’t blame yourself.) Written by Bill Murphy Jr. for Inc.com As we mark the unfortunate milestone of an entire year dealing with a global pandemic, I have some good news. And some news that pertains to something we all do, sleep. A brand new study suggests that
  • Why Is Performance Management More Important Now Than Ever Before?
    Written by Sandra Reder, CPCFounder and President of HealthBridge HR When most managers think of performance management they think of annual reviews and how time consuming they are. There is often a tendency to put them off or not do them at all. Many practices have not provided training to their managers on how to deliver a
  • Check in Regularly with Your Friends and Family
    Check in regularly with your friends and family. Don’t rely only on social media to stay connected with people. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors by phone or video conferencing. Laugh with them, tell jokes, recount good times together. And don’t be afraid to ask them how they’re really doing. Share struggles or challenges that you may
  • Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Both Use this Unconventional Trick to Get More Done. It’s So Simple You Should Too
    How you start your morning can change how productive you are the rest of the day. Written by JASON ATEN, INC.com Figuring out how to stay focused and productive can be a challenge. Right now, there are more things vying for your attention at all times, meaning it can be harder than ever to stay on top
  • Get Through the Coming Long, Dark Winter Using This Scandinavian Trick
    Scandinavians know how to cope with a long, dark, gloomy winter. This year we need their wisdom more than ever. Written by Jessica Stillman, Contributor, Inc.com Scientists across the world are racing to develop vaccines and therapeutics for Covid, but despite their heroic efforts, just about every expert out there is warning it’s going to be a
  • Your Virtual Company Holiday Party Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag
    Now-remote companies have learned how to make large events meaningful this pandemic year. Here’s what’s worked best–and how you can replicate it. Written by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, Senior Writer, Inc.com Normally at this time of the year, companies are hiring caterers, setting up onsite casinos or party games, and inviting employees to cut at least a
  • How to Help Frazzled Employees Refuel for Another Stretch of Uncertainty
    Adrenaline got you through the first six months of the pandemic, compassion will get you through the next six months. Written by Lindsay Blakely, Managing Editor, Inc.com Several months into the pandemic, Peter Newell’s Palo Alto, California-based innovation consulting firm BMNT hadn’t skipped a beat. Business was up as more clients sought its advice on how to
  • The Legal Buzz – Benefits for Workers
    Benefits for Workers – COVID-19 Written by Charlene Cleary Anyone else tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing government programs for employers? We are lucky to have access to such fiscal programs, but many employers are feeling the fatigue that comes with trying to stay apprised of the changes and the various eligibility
  • 7 of the Most Irritating Things Job Seekers Wish Companies Would Change About the Hiring Process
    Want to hire the best job candidate possible? I asked 1 million-plus LinkedIn followers to share the biggest mistakes companies make. by Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, Inc. Most small business owners (and, by extension, hiring companies) view the hiring process solely from their perspective. Applications, interviews, follow-up, job offers… everything is designed to make hiring the perfect candidate easy for