Do you have an HR Question?
The following are a sample of some of the HR Questions our HR experts are asked by our clients:

  • Why should I have written offer letters/employment contracts with my employees?
  • What are some of the most common employer pitfalls?
  • I have a small practice so how do I retain good staff? What incentives besides salary are useful?
  • Why should I do employee evaluations?
  • How often should I do employee evaluations?
  • How do I have a difficult conversation with an employee about their attendance or their conduct at work, etc?
  • How are written and verbal warnings used to create a track record for releasing a bad employee?
  • Should I have a lawyer vet every contract I sign?
  • Why can’t my manager be solely in charge of hiring/firing employees? …I’m too busy
  • How do you suggest I recruit/hire new staff?
  • Why do I need a policy and procedure manual?
  • How would I benefit from having HR consulting services?
  • What is the reason most staff stay in or leave a job?
  • Are there management training courses I should take or my staff could take?
  • I am an associate and I want to have a say in staffing, how do I approach this?
  • How do I give a negative performance review?
  • Is it ok to tie performance and wage reviews together or should I separate them?
  • What are some of the things I can NOT or should NOT say or discuss with my employees?
  • If I advertise a job should I put wage expectations in the ad or ask the candidate?
  • How do I determine if my wage offers and ceilings are fair in the marketplace?

We offer three different level of services to fit your HR needs. Discover how they can help with managing your practice/clinic and help answer your HR questions.

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