Inexpensively manage your employee data and files electronically.

More and more offices are “going green” and migrating away from paper-based records keeping.  In order to provide you with an efficient, paperless way to keep your employee records Health Bridge HR has a licensing agreement with PeopleAssistant HRIS (a secure cloud-based database).  This is an inexpensive and easy way to manage your employee files and data electronically.  We offer this service as a stand-alone service or it can be combined with our monthly HR Helpline services.

Base Modules


Home/Dashboard – A one stop landing page that lets your employees execute their documents and perform their tasks and employee self-service.


Onboarding – Your onboarding process enables new employees to complete the forms on-line and automatically file them providing a consistent process and saving time and money.


Personnel – All documents generated flow to the employee personnel file; all process generated documents, certifications, credentials, acknowledgements, forms and notes that are searchable, auditable and accessible.


Termination – Automatically trigger approvals and notifications for all of your terminations so they are quickly handled properly and automatically documented.


Library – Your documents and job descriptions at your fingertips wherever you are.

Reporting – Numerous standard and custom reports are at your fingertips.

Additional Modules (*quoted on an individual basis):