Benefit – Minimize Costs

circle-small-costScenario:  You need to hire a new clinic manager.  You’re confident that the person who was referred to you by a colleague will be a good fit.  You hire him and he ends up alienating all of your other staff.  As a result you lose one technician who tells you that they just can’t work with him.  Eventually you fire the clinic manager.  This has cost you not only the loss of the clinic manager but you have to find a new technician as well.

Benefit of the On Call HR Helpline:  One call to Health Bridge HR and you have access to an HR expert who can assist you with putting good hiring processes into place, along with ongoing employee management best practices.  As a result you will be able to reduce turnover and the cost of hiring.

Pricing:  Please visit our HR Helpline Services & Pricing page.


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